Michele Russell

I hail from Tasmania, Australia. I have been teaching…….. well let’s just say a while!!

I am currently teaching Primary Art at Mamara Campus Monday till Thursday Grade 1 -6.  I also work at the Hisar campus on Friday teaching Early Years 3 & 4 and grade 2 and 3. I was previously working in Beijing, China for  6 years. Prior to that Doha, Qatar. I have worked in the UK, Tasmania and Queensland, Australia.

I have been fortunate enough to work as a classroom teacher, PE teacher, ESOL and MYP Visual Art teacher. I have a Bachelor of teaching and a Masters of Writing and Literature.

My passion is traveling and sport and of course visiting ART Galleries.  Whilst in Beijing I had the privilege of working at the Olympics in Doping Control.

I traveled in Turkey 20 years ago and am looking forward to revisiting those places that left a lasting impression on me.

I love my  teaching space at IICS and am looking forward to encouraging the creativity in the students I teach.




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I am coming from a multi-racial/ multi-cultural family so it is always hard for me to answer “where are you from?” question. I travel with a US passport, have an Italian name, but also easily passing as Turkish. I grew up moving all around Europe, and educated in California, USA. I hold a Master of


  • Posted 16 October, 2012


    Hi Michele,
    Thanks for this interesting, detailed, but succinct outline of your professional life and personal interests. Quite a lot of things there I didn’t know! Will be interested in chatting to you later about them.
    Love all the photos of things happening with different classes in the Art Room, which I never normally see.
    No image/photo/visual representation/picture of yourself as you are now – sure lots of people would like to be able to recognise you when they see you.

    • Posted 17 October, 2012


      Hi Jenny
      thanks for comments – my life is not very interesting…… hate writing those things.
      I am slowly coming to grips with the whole wordpress thing. Getting a semi decent photo of me …… no so easy.

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