Pia Joyner


I am coming from a multi-racial/ multi-cultural family so it is always hard for me to answer “where are you from?” question. I travel with a US passport, have an Italian name, but also easily passing as Turkish. I grew up moving all around Europe, and educated in California, USA. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Art and Film. I have taught at the University of California before I decided to take up humanitarian education positions with the United Nations in Palestine, India, and Sri Lanka. I joined IICS last year, and I am teaching PYP Art and MYP Film courses. I am also a certified yoga teacher and meditation facilitator.


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Michele Russell

I hail from Tasmania, Australia. I have been teaching…….. well let’s just say a while!! I am currently teaching Primary Art at Mamara Campus Monday till Thursday Grade 1 -6.  I also work at the Hisar campus on Friday teaching Early Years 3 & 4 and grade 2 and 3. I was previously working in