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Grade 2 Marmara 1/2 portrait drawings

Grade 2 students looked at drawing portraits – in particular where the different features are positioned on the face. The students had their picture taken which was then cut in half – one half was stuck to the paper and they had to draw the half that was missing – keeping in mind the appropriate


Grade 1 Marmara Celebrity Portraits

Students in Grade 1 have been looking at how to draw portraits. They learnt where the different facial features are positioned on the face.   Then they chose a CELEBRITY who worked on the campus. Now they are drawing their person – we will share when they are finished.


Grade 6 Silk Painting – Architecture

Students have been pursuing their own Personalised Learning into Architecture. They looked at how architecture has changed over the centuries. They chose what interested them and created their own drawings. They attached their silk to the frame and transferred the drawings which will then have gutta put over them.  

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